rr debbugger

Garming Sam garming at catalyst.net.nz
Tue Apr 11 22:10:25 UTC 2017


I've talked to the lead developer in person before (he's a New
Zealander) and I've debugged a few issues with it on Samba. I worked
with him about a year ago to fix some of the syscalls which were
required to run make test, like some interactions with socket wrapper.
If you manage to find any replay divergences with make test TESTS="..."
, he can actually figure it out from there (provided it doesn't take too
long to reproduce).

When I was playing around with it, there were still issues mmap and some
of the caches, so TDB_NOMMAP made it fairly reliable as well as wiping
any caches between runs. I see some of those have now been fixed, which
is nice.

It would be nice to run rr over a large number of intermittently failing
tests (using chaos mode as well to produce different scheduling), but
part of the problem with failures on these tests is that they have
dependencies on earlier state during the full make test. There's still
lots of work before we could actually get make test running entirely
under rr, but it would be rather useful for these failures (despite the
fact that replaying to that point would take a long time).



On 12/04/17 03:59, Aurélien Aptel via samba-technical wrote:
> Hi,
> There is a group of people at mozilla working on a very interesting
> project, the rr debugger. It allows you to record the non-deterministic
> parts of a program run (syscall results) and replay them
> deterministicly. This means you can finally use breakpoints without
> trigerring timeouts on the client side. You can also reverse-debug:
> start from the crash and go backward.
> It wasn't working on smbd but after opening a couple of issues and
> working on one I was able to use it. Other syscall might have to be
> implemented depending on what you try to run.
> http://rr-project.org/
> You might want to pull from here to get an extra quotactl syscall
> implemented:
> https://github.com/aaptel/rr.git on the branch quotactl-xgetqstat
> Cheers,

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