Looking for a tool or CLI option to fetch the members of a specific AD group.

vl at samba.org vl at samba.org
Mon Apr 10 05:37:35 UTC 2017

On Mon, Apr 10, 2017 at 05:03:01AM +0000, Hemanth Thummala via samba-technical wrote:
> We are looking for a tool or command line option which can return
> the list of member(SIDs) if a specific group name or SID is given.
> Currently wbinfo has the option to fetch the all groups of a
> specific user(SID) but not the other way. Looks like there is no
> LSARPC available to fetch the members. Please let me know if any of
> the existing samba tool fetch this information.

"net rpc group members" ?


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