Patch to add support for advertising FULLSYNC to Mac OSX Clients

Uri Simchoni uri at
Fri Apr 7 18:37:02 UTC 2017

On 04/07/2017 09:04 PM, Jeremy Allison via samba-technical wrote:
> Can't we change this to a generic:
> bool VFS_QUERY_FEATURE(fsp, const char *vfs_module_name, const char *feature_name);
> or
> void *VFS_QUERY_FEATURE(fsp, const char *vfs_module_name, const char *feature_name);
> that can sweep aapl-specific flags/structs out of the main interfaces
> and back onto the module-specific private data struct where they
> belong ?
+1. My thinking of this has been:

a. It's Apple-specific, let's hide it
b. ...But Macs are important too, let's not hide it (that's where I
submitted the file-id patch which adds an Apple-specific flag to the SMB
c. ...But their version of the protocol is not documented and subject to
change without notice, and Microsoft's version currently is documented
and supported, so let's keep the main SMB code adhering to the
documented protocol version and (try to) hide undocumented dialects.

Just my 2c...

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