[PATCH] Measure parallel performance and use standard process model in ldap

Andreas Schneider asn at samba.org
Wed Apr 5 05:59:31 UTC 2017

On Wednesday, 5 April 2017 06:36:42 CEST Andrew Bartlett via samba-technical 
> The attached patches make our LDAP server multi-process.
> This brings performance gains and losses.  Essentially if we have one
> client binding and going away, strictly one at a time, then there is a
> significant overhead.  However, with multiple clients we get to use
> multiple CPUs and it is worth it if there are multiple incoming
> connections or the connections are long-lasting.
> We hope to fix up and restore the prefork process model in the future,
> but this isn't on the cards right now, and our users need the extra
> speed.

We should work towards a common pre-fork model which can be used by s4 and s3 

Just my 2cent.


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