[PATCHSET] Samba AD with MIT Kerberos

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Mon Apr 3 11:46:56 UTC 2017

On Mon, 2017-04-03 at 13:37 +0200, Andreas Schneider wrote:
> On Monday, 3 April 2017 12:05:52 CEST Andrew Bartlett via samba-
> technical 
> wrote:
> > 
> > What I meant is that we can, if you like, expose that into python.
> > That is how I did it for HAVE_NTVFS_FILESERVER.
> Can you point me to the code?

python/pyglue.c:static PyObject *py_is_ntvfs_fileserver_built(PyObject
python/pyglue.c:        { "is_ntvfs_fileserver_built",
(PyCFunction)py_is_ntvfs_fileserver_built, METH_NOARGS,
python/samba/__init__.py:is_ntvfs_fileserver_built =
python/samba/netcmd/domain.py:    if samba.is_ntvfs_fileserver_built():

> I'm still a python newbie!

It may not be a better idea, but it would be good to be consistent. 


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