Question on streams dir structure creation.

Hemanth Thummala hemanth.thummala at
Thu Oct 20 18:44:22 UTC 2016


On 10/19/16, 4:55 PM, "Jeremy Allison" <jra at> wrote:

>Are you setting the 'veto files = .streams' so the
>clients can't get to the stored streams ? If so,
>then I think you can probably open up the permissions
>here as SMB clients just can't get to or see these
Our “veto files” config is empty. As mentioned earlier, these streams directory components are created in the logged in user context. At this state this user becomes the owner and any other user has read only unix permissions. I still don’t get how other users can get access on these streams directory component to create new file-id streams directory if they don’t have wide open unix permissions. Also wondering how this issue could be specific to our stack. 

Yes. We have made changes to open up the permissions. Its all looking good now. Thanks for the help!


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