Facing issue with 'Likewise' while trying to 'Reload the join state'.

sandeep nag sandeepnagamalli at gmail.com
Tue Oct 18 13:20:25 UTC 2016

Please ignore if the post is completely irrelevant to the forum. Just
posted thinking, I could find some help, as the similar issue could happen
with samba's winbindd.

Windows AD Server: Window 2012 R2

Likewise Version: 6.2.3
After joining my linux machine to the domain using Likewise, we are able to
enumerate domain users/groups and also 'lw-lsa get-status' is showing the
status as joined to domain. So, we are assuming that the join is complete.

Now, the problem is seen while reloading(/opt/likewise/bin/lw-lsa
ad-reload-join-state) the join state, during which it is not able to
enumerate trusts from one Domain controller site. We are getting generic
error from AD domain controller.

1. What are the scenarios where Domain controller sends (request code = 15,
provider = 'lsa-activedirectory-provider') -> error = 31; Error code: 31

2. Is this related to some policy setting in DC which is triggering the

3. Do we need to check for any other things? Please provide us some
direction in finding the cause of the issue.

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