PATCH: util-env

Volker Lendecke vl at
Wed Oct 12 14:50:51 UTC 2016

"Trever L. Adams" <trever at> writes:

> It appears that the envz functions use the array of char * internally.
> There isn't a need for a conversion. Depending on which seems more
> straightforward would you consider a patch to change the internal
> representation to be that way?

One motivation for me was to reduce the memory footprint of string
lists. Having a talloc hierarchy of independent char * strings is adds a
few dozen bytes per string, talloc is pretty heavy-weight these
days. That's why I chose the buffer with embedded 0-chars for the argv
thing. I know might be pointless micro-optimization. If it's not
possible to make it work on top of that representation, it will be
better just use your patch 1:1. I'll then go back converting that later,
once it's in and proven to work in your code. This is nothing that
should block your code to go in.

Sorry for the noise,


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