PATCH: util-env

Volker Lendecke vl at
Wed Oct 12 12:13:11 UTC 2016

"Trever L. Adams" <trever at> writes:

> This patch adds the environment related code that has been factored out
> of Samba-VirusFilter. This is necessary for the code which calls
> processes on various events. The rest of the Samba-VirusFilter code will
> be submitted in what is hopefully a logical way.

A while ago I've created lib/util/strv.[ch] after the glibc argv_*
routines. glibc has envz_* routines, that are based upon the argv
ones. Just for consistency, can we create something on top of the
strv.[ch] ones, modeled after the envz_* routines from glibc? The one
thing that is missing is turning making an envz formatted blob into an
array of char * pointers suitable for execle. I did not find a good
glibc routine for that.

Nothing spectacularly fancy, but we already have "struct string_list"
(which I would like to get rid of), we have the strv things, and adding
yet another string-list like abstraction is something I would like to

Just my 2ct.


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