[PATCH] Fix the samba3 dependency hell

Andreas Schneider asn at samba.org
Tue Nov 22 13:20:00 UTC 2016


last week I sent a patch to fix an issue with newer versions of the gold 
linker complaining about our circular dependencies.

This patch did not work on Ubuntu. It looks like I produces an issue with the 
Kerberos library. On Ubuntu 14.04 we link against openldap2 libaries which 
link against Kerberos libraries. So when we link smbd we link against two 
Kerberos libaries, yay!

However I needed a different approach to fix the circular dependencies. Yes, 
we have two of them:

param => smbconf
smbconf => param


smbconf => smbregistry
smbregistry => smbconf

I've tried to change smbconf first to only consume samba-hostconfig, but this 
didn't work. Decoupling param from smbconf is also not possible. So thinking 
about this mess there was only one solution.

As smbconf is a public library, param a subsystem and smbregistry a library 
the correct thing to do is to push everything in smbconf library.

That's what I did. So everything links against smbconf now.

Please review the attached patchset and push if you're ok.



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