[PATCH 0/4][cifs-utils] Improvement and fixes for command line options

Germano Percossi germano.percossi at citrix.com
Fri Nov 18 18:54:48 UTC 2016

The way command line parsing for mount is done, is not aligned with the
corresponding kernel module.

Options checking is not strict, some options the cifs module accepts
are not honoured, others are accepted (and converted) even though
they are not documented nor otherwise accepted in the cifs module.

Moreover, it is not possible to send an empty domain without receiving an
error, while the cifs module treats the 2 cases slightly differently.

The other 2 patches are trivial

Germano Percossi (4):
  [cifs-utils] Removed extra comma in front of domain
  [cifs-utils] Accept empty domains on the command line
  [cifs-utils] Fixed command line parsing and aligned with kernel
  [cifs-utils] Remove unneeded stdbool header in mount.cifs

 mount.cifs.c | 100 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++------------------------
 1 file changed, 60 insertions(+), 40 deletions(-)


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