kernel change notify and dos attribute changes

Steve French smfrench at
Tue Nov 8 05:26:23 UTC 2016

I ran smbtorture smb2.notify.mask-change against normal Samba 4.5
(4.5-test, current git tree) on normal, boring ext4/Fedora and noticed
that it fails (ie hangs, eventually times out) unless kernel change
notify is disabled in smb.conf.

Is this expected?  Seems like a bug that we don't notice (SMB2
SetFileBasicInfo) the dos attribute change in smbd, in this case
changing the "hidden" bit.   The change notify is asking only for
change notification on "attributes" and it looks like smbd/dosmode.c
does call out to notify on attribute changes - but the notify daemon
doesn't trigger the actual notification reply unless kernel change
notify is off.




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