Master build breaks --without-ad-dc and bundled heimdal

Uri Simchoni uri at
Tue Mar 22 22:03:43 UTC 2016

When building master --without-ad-dc and bundled heimdal, I get the 
following error when the build begins:

Checking project rules ...
Unknown dependency 'HDB_SAMBA4' in 'python_dckeytab.objlist'

To reproduce (FC23 but probably others too):
./configure --without-ad-dc

No problems with 4.4.0.

The immediate suspect would be mit-kdb addition, commit 
ade958e20b561b702e2fec86a28659144dbe4a9e, but I can't see the link. I'm 
bisecting to find the commit, but if someone more familiar with this 
area of the code can do an "Aha!" and save me the work I'd be grateful.


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