[PATCH] Remove pam_smbpass module from Samba source code

Simon Nagl simonnagl at aim.com
Thu Mar 10 10:24:10 UTC 2016

> On Fri Oct 2 08:41:00 Andreas Schneider wrote:
>> On Thursday 01 October 2015 21:41:53 Jelmer Vernooij wrote:
>>> On Thu, Jan 22, 2015 at 08:37:39PM +0100, Andreas Schneider wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> as the pam_smbpass module is unmaintained and bit rots. As Volker also suggested, we remove it completely from the Samba source code.
>>> The same can be achieved using pam_winbind.
>>> If there is a reason why this can't be removed, please speak up!
>> Are there still plans to remove pam-smbpass? The source code has a warning saying it will be removed in Samba 4.3. However, the source for 4.3 still has pam-sm bpass in it.
>> Jelmer
> We did not announce it in the WHATSNEW.txt in Samba 4.3 afair …

Hello Samba-Team,

on Thu Mar 3 13:29:21 I opened the corresponding thread "Broken pipe when using ssh with pam_smbpass.so migrate“ on mailing list „samba“

I have a problem using pam_smbpass. After looking searching in the sources and this mailing list I noticed pam_smbpass is removed with version 4.4. I am actual using version 4.3.

I have multiple Network attached storages wich need to have local accounts. These accounts should be used to for samba and other unix services. Till now I updated unix and samba accounts separately. For that I tried to use pam_smbpass with the migrate option but it did not work.

Trying to log in with ssh tells me: 
packet_write_wait: Connection to 192.168.xxx.xxx: Broken pipe

Now I have some questions:

1) Can you imagine to implement a pam_module which can be used for my use-case?
2) The samba-docs page https://www.samba.org/samba/docs/man/Samba-HOWTO-Collection/pam.html#id2667199 will be outdated. I can offer writing a patch for it when knowing if the synchronization of local samba passwords and/or accounts will still work with 4.4.

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