[PATCH] VFS - change vfs_streaminfo to take a const struct smb_filename * from a const char *

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Sun Mar 6 04:56:44 UTC 2016

So that "final" VFS patch converting lchown to
const struct smb_filename * that Ralph pushed...

Wasn't quite the final change needed to the VFS :-).

Sorry, I forgot vfs_streaminfo, so here it is (I
started on my patchset to eliminate uses of lp_posix_pathnames()
then ran into the uses in vfs_streaminfo pretty
quickly :-).

So here is a 5-unit patchset.

1). Change vfs_fruit to pass in an fsp when calling
vfs_streaminfo() when it has one available.
2). Change delete_all_streams() to const struct smb_filename *
from const char *.
3). Make open_streams_for_delete() static.
4). Change open_streams_for_delete() to const struct smb_filename *
from const char *.
5). Change vfs_streaminfo() to const struct smb_filename *
from const char *.

Passes local make test.

Please review and push if happy !


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