[PATCH] selftest: add tests for member join + kerberos

Uri Simchoni uri at samba.org
Thu Jun 30 09:18:33 UTC 2016


The attached patch set adds domain join tests with Kerberos (net ads
join -k). It also shifts the test env for the test from ad_member to
ad_dc, because:

1. It's more appropriate - the member server plays no part in this test
(I believe Andrew pointed that out when the test was initially added)

2. "net ads join -k" fails under the ad_member testenv. This testenv
uses the ntfvs file server on the DC side. It seems like after the
successful join, there's an attempt to verify the join, which involves
netlogon RPC over NP using machine account. The request to open the pipe
fails if the session had been setup with Kerberos (the Create request
for "netlogon" on the IPC$ share). I decided not to invest time in what
seems to be an ntvfs server bug (after all, this works against Windows
and against our AD with smbd as file server). If someone thinks I made
the wrong choice I'll dig some more.

Review & push appreciated.
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From c105b7b09d26b53511ef06329b2f8b56949cedc4 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: Uri Simchoni <uri at samba.org>
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2016 11:55:20 +0300
Subject: [PATCH] selftest: add test for domain join + kerberos-only auth

Add "net ads join/leave -k" tests to the net_ads test suite.

Shift the test suite from ad_member env to ad_dc env, because:
1. Seems more appropriate (the member server plays no role in this
2. The -k test breaks against the ntvfs file server for some reason,
   when trying to open the netlogon named pipe after having established
   the session with Kerberos (the create fails).

Signed-off-by: Uri Simchoni <uri at samba.org>
 source4/selftest/tests.py          | 2 +-
 testprogs/blackbox/test_net_ads.sh | 8 ++++++++
 2 files changed, 9 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/source4/selftest/tests.py b/source4/selftest/tests.py
index 87abcff..52d0813 100755
--- a/source4/selftest/tests.py
+++ b/source4/selftest/tests.py
@@ -404,7 +404,7 @@ plantestsuite("samba4.blackbox.gentest(ad_dc_ntvfs)", "ad_dc_ntvfs", [os.path.jo
 plantestsuite("samba4.blackbox.rfc2307_mapping(ad_dc_ntvfs:local)", "ad_dc_ntvfs:local", [os.path.join(samba4srcdir, "../nsswitch/tests/test_rfc2307_mapping.sh"), '$DOMAIN', '$USERNAME', '$PASSWORD', "$SERVER", "$UID_RFC2307TEST", "$GID_RFC2307TEST", configuration])
 plantestsuite("samba4.blackbox.chgdcpass", "chgdcpass", [os.path.join(bbdir, "test_chgdcpass.sh"), '$SERVER', "CHGDCPASS\$", '$REALM', '$DOMAIN', '$PREFIX', "aes256-cts-hmac-sha1-96", '$SELFTEST_PREFIX/chgdcpass', smbclient4])
 plantestsuite("samba4.blackbox.samba_upgradedns(chgdcpass:local)", "chgdcpass:local", [os.path.join(bbdir, "test_samba_upgradedns.sh"), '$SERVER', '$REALM', '$PREFIX', '$SELFTEST_PREFIX/chgdcpass'])
-plantestsuite("samba4.blackbox.net_ads(ad_member:client)", "ad_member:client", [os.path.join(bbdir, "test_net_ads.sh"), '$DC_SERVER', '$DC_USERNAME', '$DC_PASSWORD', '$PREFIX_ABS'])
+plantestsuite("samba4.blackbox.net_ads(ad_dc:client)", "ad_dc:client", [os.path.join(bbdir, "test_net_ads.sh"), '$DC_SERVER', '$DC_USERNAME', '$DC_PASSWORD', '$PREFIX_ABS'])
 plantestsuite("samba4.blackbox.net_ads_dns(ad_member:local)", "ad_member:local", [os.path.join(bbdir, "test_net_ads_dns.sh"), '$DC_SERVER', '$DC_USERNAME', '$DC_PASSWORD', '$REALM', '$USERNAME', '$PASSWORD'])
 plantestsuite_loadlist("samba4.rpc.echo against NetBIOS alias", "ad_dc_ntvfs", [valgrindify(smbtorture4), "$LISTOPT", "$LOADLIST", 'ncacn_np:$NETBIOSALIAS', '-U$DOMAIN/$USERNAME%$PASSWORD', 'rpc.echo'])
diff --git a/testprogs/blackbox/test_net_ads.sh b/testprogs/blackbox/test_net_ads.sh
index 2120814..8e915cd 100755
--- a/testprogs/blackbox/test_net_ads.sh
+++ b/testprogs/blackbox/test_net_ads.sh
@@ -37,6 +37,14 @@ testit "leave" $VALGRIND $net_tool ads leave -U$DC_USERNAME%$DC_PASSWORD || fail
 testit_expect_failure "testjoin(not joined)" $VALGRIND $net_tool ads testjoin -kP || failed=`expr $failed + 1`
+testit "join+kerberos" $VALGRIND $net_tool ads join -kU$DC_USERNAME%$DC_PASSWORD || failed=`expr $failed + 1`
+testit "testjoin" $VALGRIND $net_tool ads testjoin -kP || failed=`expr $failed + 1`
+testit "leave+kerberos" $VALGRIND $net_tool ads leave -kU$DC_USERNAME%$DC_PASSWORD || failed=`expr $failed + 1`
+testit_expect_failure "testjoin(not joined)" $VALGRIND $net_tool ads testjoin -kP || failed=`expr $failed + 1`
 testit "join+server" $VALGRIND $net_tool ads join -U$DC_USERNAME%$DC_PASSWORD -S$DC_SERVER || failed=`expr $failed + 1`
 testit "leave+server" $VALGRIND $net_tool ads leave -U$DC_USERNAME%$DC_PASSWORD -S$DC_SERVER || failed=`expr $failed + 1`

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