[PATCH] Overwriting hidden files fails

Miguel Medalha medalist at sapo.pt
Thu Jun 23 23:03:05 UTC 2016

I don't know whether this is related to the subject at hand but I will 
report it anyway in case it might be helpful for me and others.

In Windows Explorer, when I try to delete a folder with all its contents 
and the folder contains a Windows "Thumbs.db" file, deletion fails with 
a message stating that the folder cannot be deleted because it is not 
empty. All deletion attempts fail. But then, I go to Folder Options and 
select "Show hidden files, folders and drives", I am immediately able to 
delete the "Thumbs.db" file and consequently the folder, i.e. once the 
hidden file is shown it can be deleted. This is Windows 7 as client to 
Samba 4.4.2and 4.4.4.

My smb.conf:

     workgroup = MYWORKGROUP
     realm = MYREALM
     netbios name = MYNETBIOSNAME
     security = ADS
     store dos attributes = yes
     map acl inherit = yes

     idmap config * : backend = tdb
     idmap config * : range = 10000-99999
     idmap config MYDOMAIN : backend = rid
     idmap config MYDOMAIN : range = 100000-199999

     winbind trusted domains only = no
     winbind use default domain = no
     winbind enum users  = yes
     winbind enum groups = yes
     winbind nested groups = yes
     winbind refresh tickets = yes
     winbind expand groups = 10

     ntlm auth = no
     server signing = auto

     server min protocol = SMB2
     server max protocol = SMB3
     client min protocol = SMB2
     client max protocol = SMB3
     client ipc min protocol = SMB2
     client ipc max protocol = SMB3

     strict sync = yes
     use sendfile = yes

     admin users = @"MYDOMAIN\Domain Admins"

     path = /some/path
     read only = no
     browsable = yes
     access based share enum = yes
     vfs objects = acl_xattr recycle aio_pthread
     acl_xattr:ignore system acls = yes
     recycle:repository = Reciclagem/%U
     recycle:directory_mode = 0700
     recycle:subdir_mode = 0700
     recycle:keeptree = yes
     recycle:versions = yes
     recycle:touch = yes
     recycle:touch_mtime = no
     recycle:minsize = 8
     recycle:maxsize = 536870912
     recycle:exclude = *.tmp *.temp *.idlk ~.doc *.~tm *.wbk ?humbs.db ~$*
     aio_pthread:aio open = true
     aio_pthread:aio num threads = 100
     aio read size = 1
     aio write size = 1

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