Building an installable Debian / Ubuntu package from scratch in master.

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at
Wed Jun 22 09:48:14 UTC 2016

This wiki page hasn't been updated since we merged the samba4 packaging into the main repository. 

If you drop the '4' from the repository URL, you should end up with a more recent version.

I don't think the './debian/rules get-orig-source' thing works anymore so
you'll need to create an appropriately named .orig.tar.gz (e.g. by retrieving it from the Debian archive or renaming an upstream tarball) in the parent directory.

There are good reasons for the version number - see for background.

On 21 June 2016 22:36:51 BST, Jeremy Allison <jra at> wrote:
>So for various reasons (too complex to go into :-) at
>the Redmond plugfest I'd like to create a Debian .deb
>package from my current (modified) git master source
>code tree.
>Is just plain wrong :-(.
>I've gotten to the point where I can run
>dpkg-buildpackage with a tarballs directory
>containing my gzipped master tarball, but
>it's trying to find:
>wtf ? Where is debian getting this version
>number from ? Why is this shit SO FUCKING
>HARD on Debian ?
>Inside packaging/RHEL/ there are scripts...
>What's the Debian equivalent ?

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