Improve badPwdCount, lastLogon and logonCount updates

Garming Sam garming at
Mon Jun 20 23:44:40 UTC 2016

Hi metze,

I'm aware of the quagmire that this area is, is there any specific
versions of Windows you tested against and do the tests actually all
pass? From what I can remember 2012R2 and 2008R2 had subtly different



On 21/06/16 08:50, Stefan Metzmacher wrote:
> Hi,
> here're some patches to improve the badPwdCount, lastLogon
> and logonCount updates.
> See
> This is on top of
> I don't know if it would also apply independently...
> We may need to add some BUG: markers, but you can start the review...
> Thanks!
> metze

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