Problems with CTDB and GlusterFS

Sebastian Stellingwerff sebastian at
Mon Jun 20 13:41:48 UTC 2016


I'm setting up a Samba+CTDB+GlusterFS setup. GlusterFS seems to work
fine and we have it in use in production for some time without problems
it seems. However when setting up CTDB with this, one node just keeps
complaining about:

2016/06/20 13:32:29.606345 [recoverd: 7079]: Taking out recovery lock
from recovery daemon
2016/06/20 13:32:29.606360 [recoverd: 7079]: Take the recovery lock
2016/06/20 13:32:29.607962 [recoverd: 7079]: ctdb_recovery_lock: Failed
to get recovery lock on '/mnt/gv0/ctdblock'
2016/06/20 13:32:29.608002 [recoverd: 7079]: Unable to get recovery lock
- retrying recovery

It seems to be the node that's started last. I've searched around the
internet, but no luck. An old thread suggested enabling direct-io, but
this is the default these days and giving it as an explicit option
doesn't solve the problem.

I've also tested locking with ping_pong which does not give me any
trouble, al results are as expected.

Anyone here who can help me debug this?


Sebastian Stellingwerff
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