[PATCHES] make ctdb runnable in non-FHS installs

José A. Rivera jarrpa at samba.org
Thu Jun 9 12:10:04 UTC 2016

On 2016-06-08 09:51, Michael Adam wrote:
> Attached find the updated patchset that implements
> the changes from our discussion.
> It also covers a few cases of direct use of 'ctdb'
> that I did not catch before.
> But beware that this is not for pushing yet:
> This implements the rename of ctdb->ctdb_tool
> and establishes the former ctdb_wrapper as
> discussed. While this works nicely from an
> install, it does (as I feared) put up some
> problems with selftest, since the 'ctdb' tool
> is used (verbatim) in the tests. And also,
> afaict the ctdb wrapper tool is only prepared
> during 'make install' not during 'make'.
> So we have several options out of this:
> 1) Either refrain from renaming ctdb->ctdb_tool
>    and keep ctdb_wrapper for a start,
> 2) or stick with the renaming and rename all
>    use of 'ctdb' to ctdb_tool in the tests
> 3) or somehow make sure that ctdb (wrapper)
>    (and possibly ctdbd_wrapper) are prepared
>    during make and can be used in the tests.
> Not sure. #1 would be the least effort and might
> be a good start. #2 would be a bigger sweeping
> rename, and #3 might be conceptually better,
> but requires some wscript voodoo that at least
> I'd have to think about for some time.
> Opinions?
> Cheers - Michael

#1 seems like a good start. That leading into #3 seems like a good 
overall solution, off-hand.


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