netbios name change in clustered samba and authentication

Steve French smfrench at
Thu Jul 21 21:14:46 UTC 2016

Noticed something which seemed a little strange at first glance.

Change the netbios name (no active directory, default two node
cluster) on a node in the cluster (either via "net conf setparm" where
the name is replicated to both nodes, or by updating smb.conf on one
of the nodes in which case it only affects one).

smbclient -L //localhost -U myuser%mypassword

fails (anonymous authentication now works with no password though ie
"smbclient -L //localhost -U myuser").  It also fails even if nmbd is
not running.

restart smbd it doesn't fix it.   On the other hand either rebooting
the system or restarting ctdb causes authentication to start working

Why would changing the netbios name in smb.conf (or via net conf ..)
require ctdb to restart for authentication to work?



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