delete and readd of the same ip address to ctdb nodes file

Steve French smfrench at
Mon Jul 18 21:06:00 UTC 2016

In it describes the
process for removing (and also adding) nodes, but it is not clear what
is optimal way to delete a node and then readd a node with the same ip
address.   In three node cluster, thus with three line /etc/ctdb/nodes
file, if you delete one you still have a three line /etc/ctdb/nodes
file (but one entry is now commented out in each), but what happens if
you readd a node with the same ip address as the one commented out?
Is it possible to uncomment the line in /etc/ctdb/nodes and reload the
nodes file?

I am thinking that eventually if you can't 'reuse' a commented out
line in /etc/ctdb/nodes the file could get quite big eventually (if
nodes are added/deleted frequently as some of our testers testcases
were done to exercise the code).



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