[PATCH] CTDB scripting clean-ups and shellcheck tests

Martin Schwenke martin at meltin.net
Mon Jul 18 12:02:40 UTC 2016

A small bunch of shellcheck fixes to CTDB's scripts went in recently.
Following that I did a few more clean-ups.  Then Amitay and I decided
that we might as well go all the way, get rid of all shellcheck
warnings and add some tests to make sure the scripts stay that way.

Attached are initial clean-ups.  This is part 1 - I'm splitting this to
try to avoid message moderation limits.

2 replies to follow:

* Part 2 - A series of commits to avoid shellcheck warnings
* Part 3 - Addition of CTDB shellcheck test suite

These can be applied on top of master in order.

Please review and maybe push...

peace & happiness,
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