[Samba] Authentication Auditing

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Wed Jul 13 17:08:16 UTC 2016

On Tue, Jul 12, 2016 at 11:07:04PM -0500, Arthur Ramsey wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm looking for a way to log the following attributes for all
> authentication activity (LDAP bind, Kerberos, SMB / CIFS, etc.).
> I would like to see:
>  * Principle name (user name)
>  * Source IP
>  * Timestamp (including at least seconds if not milliseconds)
>  * Authentication result (success / failure)
>  * Reason for failure: bad password, account lockout, account expired,
>    password expired, etc.
> I believe vfs_full_audit can take care of CIFS activity (without
> failure reason?).  The samba logs at level >= 3 show Kerberos
> authentication result, principle name, timestamp and reason for
> failure, but not source IP.  I cannot find any way to monitor LDAP
> bind, which is the most important in my case.  Though I doubt I'm
> alone: LDAP authentication seems to be the most popular choice for
> integrating with Active Directory, but esp. with Samba domain
> controller.
> I cannot connect with Event Viewer as documentation suggests I can.
> I get an error, "The procedure number is out of range(1745)".  No
> corresponds errors observed at server side.
> I searched man pages, wiki and mailing lists, but didn't find any solution.
> Certainly a lack of auditing ability is a significant barrier to
> enterprise adoption of Samba based domain controllers?

+1 on this. IMHO the correct way to implement this is to
log events into the eventlog tdb, and then provide tools
to access/audit.

Inside smbd we have the eventlog API:


public definitions here:


We need to define the events we want to log, and
then add the API's to add them to the eventlog.

We need to move the above implementation to the
top level so it's callable by the samba and smbd

At this point we can start implementing the
AUDIT ACE's in smbd to log access on a per-object

tdb is 32-bit only, so this may be too small
for a large domain. If we hide the logging behind
APIs we can move to a more scalable backend

I'm not sure how to ensure the samba rpc server
exports the remote event log RPC's in the same
way that smbd currently does, I'm going to
have to look into that.

This would make an excellent Google Summer of Code
project IMHO. It's going to take a little while
to get there, but I think this is the right way
to do things.



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