Improve badPwdCount, lastLogon and logonCount updates

Stefan Metzmacher metze at
Fri Jul 8 14:10:06 UTC 2016

Hi Andrew,

>>> UNEXPECTED(failure):
>>> samba4.tombstone_reanimation.python.tombstone_reanimation.RestoreUs
>>> erOb
>>> jectTestCase.test_restore_user(ad_dc_ntvfs)
>>> REASON: Exception: Exception: Traceback (most recent call last):
>>>   File
>>> "/data/samba/git/samba/source4/dsdb/tests/python/tombstone_reanimat
>>> ion.
>>> py", line 364, in test_restore_user
>>>     self.assertAttributesEqual(obj, attr_orig, obj_restore,
>>> attr_rest)
>>>   File
>>> "/data/samba/git/samba/source4/dsdb/tests/python/tombstone_reanimat
>>> ion.
>>> py", line 88, in assertAttributesEqual
>>>     % (str(attrs_orig.difference(attrs_rest)),
>>> str(attrs_rest.difference(attrs_orig))))
>>> AssertionError: Actual object does not have expected attributes,
>>> missing from expected (set(['pwdLastSet'])), extra (set([]))
>>> I'm sure I can figure it out - presumably pwdLastSet moved from
>>> some
>>> common code to a special case - but any clues give me more time to
>>> review your other patches ;-)
>> So are we expecting pwdLastSet to be there and it's not or
>> the other way?
> s.difference(t) 	s - t 	new set with elements in s but
> not in t
> It seems pwdLastSet isn't restored, but it expected it to be restored. 
> I'm going to validate the test against Windows.  Currently hitting what
> I assume is the minPwdLen issue that seems common across all our tests.

I found and fixed the problems.;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/master4-tombstone-reanimation

I'm running a private autobuild with this.

I think we need a dbcheck update that removes secret attributes from
deleted objects,
can you have a look and implement that?


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