[PATCHES + link] better handling of deleted linked attributes

Douglas Bagnall douglas.bagnall at catalyst.net.nz
Tue Jul 5 02:09:06 UTC 2016

A tombstoned object should retain no linked attributes from its
previous life (MS-ADTS, but that is not what we have
been doing. As a result we sometimes end up with a very large number
of dead linked attributes being replicated uselessly about. Note that
this is different form the case where the link itself is deleted,
where we do want the link to be flagged rather than expunged.

These patches add a new "vanish links" ldb control that tells ldb to
really delete linked attributes. There is also a dbcheck rule to fix
(i.e. delete) linked attributes on deleted objects, and tests for the
vanishing links and the dbcheck. Unfortunately the dbcheck test
involves a new database dump which is many megabytes in size. So I
haven't attached it; look here if you are interested:


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