[RFC] fix bug 12007

Uri Simchoni uri at samba.org
Mon Jul 4 18:44:29 UTC 2016

On 07/04/2016 06:50 PM, Simo wrote:
> Sorry have been thinking more.
>>>> of Kerberos. The attached fix replaces gss_acquire_cred by
>>>> gss_krb5_import_cred().
> This sounds wrong, and we should fix Heimdal if it is trying to re-
> acquire the same ticket, not try to work around it.
> Are you saying the current ccache has a valid TGT but it ignores it and
> tries to acquire a new one ?
> If there are no credentials it is perfectly normal to make an AS
> request, I do not understand what the problem is here. Do we, by chance
> copy in some ccache just the LDAP ticket and not the TGT ?
The problem I am trying to fix is that winbindd is emitting AS requests
for root at realm, and this happens from within gss_acquire_cred(). Heimdal
is trying to acquire the wrong TGT, if no TGT exist in the ccache, and
in a way it has no chance of succeeding whatsoever (it doesn't have the
password of root so what good would a TGT of root do, even if we got one?).

Thinking about it some more, the issue is more fundamental:
1. libads expects that the default ccache either has only a TGT of the
"right" user (the one the application has specified for libads to use -
machine account or otherwise), or that its attempt to bind would fail.
Upon failure it would do a kinit and retry.
2. Heimdal's gss_acquire_cred() OTOH, when encountering an empty ccache,
tries to get credentials from the default keytab. It is in this code
path that the AS request for root is made.
3. Usually this extra attempt with the keytab would fail, creating the
nuisance with the AS request - maybe we can fix that with Heimdal for
the case where no keytab exists.
4. But what if a keytab does exist, and contains valid password for the
current user? In that case, gss_acquire_cred() might obtain the
credentials of the current user, whereas libads expected to be of its
user - could be a username specified via the -U parameter, or the
machine account.

Up until the April security release, gensec_gse was used only for SMB
connections, and there we don't seem to reuse a TGT between connections
- we always do a kinit first (in cli_session_setup_spnego_send()).
Libads does something new in that respect.

The fix tries to probe the ccache more gently than gss_acquire_cred(). I
don't know why Heimdal is also trying the keytab, but they would
probably insist on doing it. Assuming that's true, the fix is to always
do a kinit before the bind attempt (or to improve libads's integration
with gensec and cli_credentials, because those track the content of the
ccache without a need to probe it).

>>>> I'd like some feedback from those familiar with this code -
>>>> 1. It could be that the right fix is in Heimdal
> Definitely if it really is a bug in finding a valid credential in the
> cache.
>>>> 2. The reason for acquiring the credentials (in client context!)
>>>> seems
>>>> to be to be able to set GSS_KRB5_CRED_NO_CI_FLAGS_X option on the
>>>> credentials - not sure what scenario this fixes and how to test
>>>> there's
>>>> no degradation there.
> This is fundamental, otherwise LDAP binds will fail because AD uses the
> CI flags instead of the SASL negotiation, so we need to be able to
> control exactly what flags we send (normally both Heimdal and MIT
> Kerberos send both Confidentiality and Integrity flags unconditionally,
> because that is mandated by the Spec, but Microsoft interpreted it
> differently in some protocols).
I can test with Windows then. Only tested with Samba AD so far.

>>>> 3. Perhaps someone can easily determine the MIT behavior - if MIT
>>>> is not
>>>> sending this request then maybe the patch should be #ifdef'd on
>>>> Kerberos
>>>> type - use the more portable gss_acquire_cred() with MIT
>>>> Kerberos.
> We must use gss_acquire_cred() sorry.
MIT seems to have a gss_krb5_import_cred() - can't we use that and fall
back to gss_acquire_cred() only for older versions?

>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Uri.
>>> One more things - the gensec_gse code also makes an extra TGS
>>> handshake,
>>> requesting a TGT, because it requires delegation for the security
>>> context. Do we need delegation for LDAP sasl binding/wrapping?
>> Generally no, we don't, it should be somehow selectable, base on the
>> target machine's "allowed to delegate to" (IIRC) flag.
> Brain fart here. We *definitely* almost never want to delegate a TGT,
> but we definitely want to request a forwardable ticket, so that the
> server can perform constrained delegation if it is authorized and so
> configured.
> What flags are passed in ? Can you point me at the code path that
> generates this ?
It's in the default gse context flags.
In  gse_context_init(), we have:

        gse_ctx->gss_want_flags = GSS_C_MUTUAL_FLAG |
                                *GSS_C_DELEG_FLAG* |
                                GSS_C_DELEG_POLICY_FLAG |
                                GSS_C_REPLAY_FLAG |

> Simo.

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