[PATCH] Enable Samba KCC for 4.5

Andreas Schneider asn at samba.org
Mon Jul 4 14:03:31 UTC 2016

On Thursday, 30 June 2016 11:11:59 CEST Jeremy Allison wrote:
> Yes, I too am really looking forward to getting the MIT
> kerberos kdc enabled in Samba. Andreas, what is blocking your
> getting this code upstream ? If you need review help, please
> let me know (although I'm going to be off on vacation and
> out of contact next week).

I'm currently writing KDC tests and also refactor some KDC parts. I'm also 
trying to implement a new kpasswd service which would be implmentation 
independent. So there is to much going on to be pushed write now.

However it would be great to get feedback how to provision correctly, see the 
samba-tool patches.


Suggestions are welcome ...

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