A new glibc feature allowing to merge domain groups with local groups

Uri Simchoni uri at samba.org
Sun Jan 31 07:08:52 UTC 2016

If I read this correctly, this patch seems to encourage the use of 
gr_mem memberlist. IMHO gr_mem should be deprecated in favor of 
getgrouplist(). Samba for example doesn't use gr_mem at all, but it uses 
getgrnam() often just for name->id translation. Think of the cost if a 
group has thousands of users. And you can't turn it off per-application.

The getgrouplist() plugin interface supports merging (albeit in a kind 
of undocumented and hackish way) because a "continue" will give next 
plugin the previous plugin's list of groups to which it can append its 
own list.


On 01/30/2016 12:25 PM, Andreas Schneider wrote:
> https://sgallagh.wordpress.com/2016/01/28/remote-group-merging-for-fedora/

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