[RFC] [WIP] tevent/glib integration

Noel Power nopower at suse.com
Thu Jan 28 17:58:36 UTC 2016

On 28/01/16 14:38, Ralph Boehme wrote:
> in the meantime I've updated the branch with more polished commits and
> some performance enhancements (avoiding talloc where possible) and
> also added a few simple torture tests.
> I've also added patches to so mdssvc RPC service (Spotlight) makes use
> of it: this is a significant cleanup and enhancement.
> Latest patchset attached. I'm not sure this is the final version yet,
> but it's close, so at this point I'd appreciate a closer review. Thanks!
I tried to run the example with the lastest branch, but some weirdness there
 a) tevent_glib -t hangs for me
 b) tevent_glib -t -d0 works but is dog slow
     e.g. about X 10 times slower than it used to be
 c) tevent_glib -g is similarly slow ... you changed something in the
example ? looking at it I didn't see anything obvious beyond superficial

I looked at the integration code to see if I could see anything obvious
wrt the hang and saw I think an issue with the handling of the zero
timeout case, I tweaked it a bit and it seems to solve the hang (see
attached patches), the one changing tevent_glib_glue_create is added for
completion (and I am not sure if this case is possible)

> The main question is: do we want this in tevent or shall we put it in
> source3/lib/ for the time being?
> Noel, did you habe a chance to play with this in your WSP code?
I can't see it happening at the moment sorry, I need to re-write it to
do that, if it works for you it will work for me I guess, albeit maybe
my use case might uncover something else

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