smbd/source3 or ntvfs/source4 for new VFS module development?

Ira Cooper ira at
Wed Jan 27 14:56:22 UTC 2016

Jeremy Allison <jra at> writes:

> On Tue, Jan 26, 2016 at 04:46:31PM -0800, Zack M. Davis wrote:
>> Dear list,
>> When developing a new VFS module, does it still make sense to put it in
>> source3/modules/vfs in the source repository and use the `smb_register_vfs`
>> API as illustrated in examples/VFS/skel_*.c? Or is it preferrable to use
>> the source4/ntvfs infastructure (which is newer, but ominously described as
>> "to a large extent [...] deprecated in terms of use for file shares" at
> source4/ntvfs is dead. It's legacy code, that will eventually be
> removed.

When is eventually?

Cheers, with pitchforks and torches,


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