[PATCH] fix a bug in smbget

Andreas Schneider asn at samba.org
Tue Jan 26 07:30:05 UTC 2016

On Monday 25 January 2016 22:48:34 Christian Ambach wrote:
> Hi Andreas,
> > The problem is username and password parsing from the command line. If you
> > specify it at the moment, smbget will still ask for it.
> I cannot reproduce that:
> # smbget -v -R -u ambi -p Passw0rd smb://
> works for me without further questions.
> > I also do not really like that -U is not for username%password. That's why
> > I changed -u for update and -U for username so it is consistent with the
> > rest of Samba client tools.
> Right, that is not consistent and should be improved and stream-lined to
> the other tools we have.
> > Let me know when I should rebase my patch. I'm happy to review more
> > patches in this area.
> There is nothing to rebase your patch on until my patchset has landed in
> master :)
> Do you want to collect more patches before this lands in master? Or push
> what I already have and then start another round?

I've already pushed your patches to master. I could rebase on master and give 
send it to you for review :)

	-- andreas

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