[PATCH] CTDB NAT gateway updates

Martin Schwenke martin at meltin.net
Mon Jan 25 02:28:47 UTC 2016

This is a re-working of CTDB's NAT gateway functionality.

The main intent is to remove the NAT gateway capability from ctdbd and
drop the calculation of NAT gateway master from the CTDB CLI tool.  The
idea is to remove non-core functionality from the core code.  I plan to
do a similar thing with the LVS code, since it is non-core and is
heavily integrated into the CTDB IP takeover code.

Main changes:

* $CTDB_NATGW_PUBLIC_IFACE is now monitored by 11.natgw

* NAT gateway is explicitly marked as incompatible with

  It always has been incompatible but is now documented and causes
  failure at various points.

* CTDB_NATGW_SLAVE_ONLY is no longer supported

  Instead, relevant nodes are marked with a "slave-only" option in the
  NAT gateway nodes file.

* A new helper script ctdb_natgw calculates the NAT gateway master and
  does status listing

  For backward compatibility, "ctdb natgwlist" calls out to this script.

* Support for viewing/setting the NAT gateway capability has been
  dropped and documentation has been changed to remove references to
  this capability.

There are 3 final commits not included here, which drop the client and
protocol code the NAT gateway capability, and mark the control and
capability as deprecated.  Amitay is touching some of this code so
those changes will be pushed later.

Please review and push...

peace & happiness,
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