Added MSV1_0_ALLOW_MSVCHAPV2 flag to ntlm_auth

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Sun Jan 17 23:33:18 UTC 2016

New comment by abartlet on Samba Github repository
Can you add your Signed-off-by: to the commit message?

Ideally also add such a mode to the ntlm-server-1 mode.  I had hoped FreeRADIUS would have moved to that mode by now, it was added for FreeRADIUS as better option than command-line parameters :-)

Sorry for dropping the ball on this.

I would love a test (which won't make much difference as our server-side doesn't respect it, but will at least ensure the option keeps working), which will mean calculating the challenge/response values matching the selftest passwords from selftest/target/.

I realise that is a bigger ask.

Andrew Bartlett

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