samba 4.3.4: winbindd is mapping a user uid to an incorrected value

Rowland Penny repenny241155 at
Thu Jan 14 15:14:12 UTC 2016

On 14/01/16 14:55, Daniele Dario wrote:
> See inline answers
> Yeah. Right now I don't have a machine to set up another domain member.
> When I first provisioned the domain (4.0.beta) this was both the DC and
> the fileserver. Now moving it means to buy another machine and I'm
> waiting for the money slot to do it. I'll catch you up when I'd be
> ready ;-)

OK, you can only work with what you have, in an ideal world, you would 
have a spare machine lying around, but this isn't an ideal world :-)

> Ops. Misunderstood the meaning :-(

>> uidNumber: 4001101
>> uidNumber: 4001105
>> uidNumber: 4001001
>> uidNumber: 4001002
>> uidNumber: 4001102
>> uidNumber: 4001106
>> uidNumber: 4001110
>> uidNumber: 4001104
>> uidNumber: 4001112
>> uidNumber: 4001108
>> uidNumber: 4001103
>> uidNumber: 4001111
>> uidNumber: 4001114
>> uidNumber: 4001113
>> uidNumber: 4001109
>> uidNumber: 4001003
>> uidNumber: 4001107

So your users do have a uidNumber

> 4001107

And Domain Users does have a gidNumber, looking good so far :-)

> Just take in account I did what you proposed (net cache flush) and now 
> wbinfo is giving the right uid. 

This proves it is a cache problem.

> If the user tries to connect it's home folder samba still resolves the 
> wrong uid 

Is it that the user is still getting the wrong uid, or does the home 
directory belong to the wrong uidNumber (this is more likely).

> but I didn't restart it because people is still working. 

If the home dirs belong to the wrong uidNumbers, then restarting is not 
going to fix this, you are going to have to 'chown' them i.e. 'chown 
marco:Domain\ Users /home/SAITEL/marco'

> Would it be that I didn't remove the gencache.tbd so I need to stop 
> the service, remove gencache.tdb and than restart it?

I certainly wouldn't remove it from a running system, and you may not 
have to remove it, see how you go on.

>> Rowland
> Daniele.

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