patch for smbtorture base.createx_sharemodes_file and base.createx_sharemodes_dir

Herb Lewis hlewis at
Wed Jan 13 00:29:52 UTC 2016

These tests were closing the first open of the file before trying to open
again to test for sharing violations. Needless to say no violations were
ever seen. I fixed the test to actually what looks like was intended and
regenerated the known value table entries in cxd_known.h by running
the test against a windows 7 machine. Now we get 2652 sharing violations
from the 4096 combinations which now makes the tests take about
45 minutes longer because of the delayed response to the opens.

Can someone review this and possibly push it? The actual fix was just
to move the close call but the regenerated table entries make the patch
a bit big so I compressed it.
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