How much use is IPTOS_LOWDELAY

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On Monday 04 January 2016 11:21:49 David Holder wrote:
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happy new year to you too (greetings to V). :)

> I didn't see you get a response to this one so here are my thoughts.
> IPTOS_LOWDELAY is historic. It refers to a time prior to Differentiated
> Services (DiffServ) when the Type of Service field in the IP header had
> bit flags indicating the quality of service required.
> Today, with the advent of DiffServ, the Differentiated Services Code
> Point (DSCP) value for the required level of service should be set
> instead. The appropriate value will vary from network to network
> depending on the network's QoS policy.
> See RFC 2474 for DiffServ.
> To set the DSCP field use the the IP_TOS socket option in legacy IPv4
> (if you are still using v4) or the IPV6_TCLASS socket option in IPv6.
> Hope that helps!

I think that explanation helps a lot!! I hope you're ok that I've added it to:


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