Fix incorrect msDS-IntID handling

Stefan Metzmacher metze at
Mon Jan 4 10:53:53 UTC 2016

Hi Andrew,

>> I still need to resolve some issues in the test-suite (probably drop
>> one aspect of it, as I can't make it deterministic), but in case you
>> are intersted please see the attached, plus the re-upload of the DB
>> in 
>> git:// replMetaData-attid
>> /r
>> eplMetaData-attid
> A final version of these patches is in that repo. 

I'm ignoring the python related patches, which are currently on top...

> Please review/push!

in err_replmetadata_incorrect_attid()

+                if o.local_usn > hash_att[att].local_usn:
+                    # This is always what we would have sent over DRS,
+                    # because the DRS server will have sent the
+                    # msDS-IntID, but with the values from both
+                    # attribute entries.
+                    hash_att[att].version = o.version
+                    hash_att[att].originating_change_time =
+                    hash_att[att].originating_invocation_id =
+                    hash_att[att].originating_usn = o.originating_usn
+                    hash_att[att].local_usn = o.local_usn

Should  we have a "continue" here
otherwise it makes no sense if we always do "hash_att[att] = o"

+            hash_att[att] = o
+            set_att.add(att.lower())

In general are the source4/selftest/provisions/ changes required to be
in the "dbcheck: Fix incorrect/duplicate attrid in replPropertMetaData"

Or can they be part of the "selftest: Update release-4-1-0rc3 with more
test records"


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