acess based share enum: handle permission set in configuration files

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Sun Feb 28 12:30:07 UTC 2016

New comment by urisimchoni on Samba Github repository
Hi Alberto,
Thanks for submitting this fix.
Some comments:

1. The checks for lp_valid_users and lp_invalid_users seem redundant - they are being done inside user_ok_token() without extra cost, it also seems that the proposed patch misses lp_only_user() this way.

2. The "username" parameter to user_ok_token() needs to be session_info->unix_info->unix_name (that's what you exchange for %U)

3. We need a bug in bugzilla and a BUG: line pointing to it in the commit message (see other commit messages in git log)

4. Please consult README.Coding - surround if blocks with curly braces. The preferred coding style also prefers multiple simple if statements over a complex condition, if possible. Something like:
if (!user_ok_token(...)) {
        return false;

return share_access_check(...);

Could you resubmit with those changes? I can later throw in some tests to verify correct behavior.

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