[PATCH] sync samba pidl with wireshark pidl

David Disseldorp ddiss at suse.de
Tue Feb 16 18:21:43 UTC 2016

On Fri, 12 Feb 2016 15:33:06 +0100, Aurélien Aptel wrote:

> I've imported wireshark changes to the dissector generator. The exact
> same pidl can now be shared between the two projects.
> I've tried to keep references to wiresharks commits when possible.
> Note: the wireshark repo has 2 dissectors (dcerpc-mapi & dcerpc-nsapi)
> which cannot be regenerated because it generates malformed code. This
> sync doesn't change that fact (it generates the same code before and
> after).
> Review and comments welcome.

These all look fine to me:
Reviewed-by: David Disseldorp <ddiss at samba.org>

The benefits of some of these are disputable (patch 05 in particular),
but I think they're worth taking to stay in sync with Wireshark.

@Metze: could we get a second team review please?

Cheers, David

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