[PATCH] Extend testsuite - added small test

Uri Simchoni uri at samba.org
Tue Feb 16 18:14:42 UTC 2016

On 02/16/2016 05:51 PM, Michael Adam wrote:
> Hi Robin,
> Thanks a lot for continuing to work on the test cases!
> This is highly appreciated.
> A few comments:
> Not sure if it's only me, but in newly added shell script
> code, we seem to
> - prefer $(...) over `...` .
> - prefer ${VARNAME} over $VARNAME
> On the conceptual side, it seems strange to me that the test case
> would modify the client config into a temporary working
> directory each time. That sounds rather like we would expect
> a special environment for this.
> I am not sure if there is a precedent for this in other test
> cases, and I don't have an alternative quick approach ready,
> but ... dunno ... it feels awkward and kind of arbitrary and
> fragile to have this in the test case itself.
> Any other opinions / advice on this?
> Thanks - Michael
I'm not sure that's even necessary - isn't it possible to use 

(compare that with my recently withdrawn patch that created another 
client env, not unlike this patch, but because the test modified 
secrets.tdb. Here it seems like the env is simply in order to run 
smbclient with different parameters).


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