where to Linking to a third part library

Rongqing Tu rtu at sgi.com
Mon Feb 8 20:50:05 UTC 2016

I hope someone can help me solve my problem.

I am trying to create a new module on vfs, which will be a .so file and will be 
packaged as a separated rpm. Let's call it new.rpm. The new module needs to call 
functions from a third part library. I am able to do that by adding a line
conf.ADD_LDFLAGS('-ltheThirdPartLib') in source3/wscript, but I seems the line 
makes the whole samba dependent on the third library. This is not what I want.

My goal is I can install new.rpm only when I want, so if I don't want to install 
new.rpm, I don't have to provide the third part library. If I don't include the 
above line in wscript, I will just get linking error for the calls to the third 
part library.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Ron Tu

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