Is this a valid talloc region I am seeing

Richard Sharpe realrichardsharpe at
Fri Feb 5 02:00:35 UTC 2016

Hi folks,

As part of my investigation of some memory issues, I have looked at a
memory dump, and towards the end of the heap (most recently added
part) I found the following striung of bytes

         770c 15e8

This, when converted to the correct order, looks like the talloc magic
with flags 0x07, indicating that the memory is now free (among other

Then, looking back a bit I find that the location that did the freeing
is: 0x7fcd49339980 and looking at that with gdb I find that it is:

(gdb) p (char *)0x7fcd49339980
$1 = 0x7fcd49339980 "../source3/smbd/smb2_server.c:3432"

But if I look at that location in the source we are using it is:

        DEBUG(10,("smbd_smb2_request idx[%d] of %d vectors\n",
                 req->current_idx, req->in.vector_count));

But that should have done nothing because the debug level is 0.
Moreover, I cannot see anywhere in the DEBUG code that it is doing a
talloc with that location as the type.

I cannot understand what is going on at this stage. Can anyone suggest
what is going on?

Richard Sharpe

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