[PATCH] Add CTDB takeover helper

Martin Schwenke martin at meltin.net
Fri Dec 16 09:26:20 UTC 2016

This replaces the current CTDB takeover code in the recovery daemon
with shiny new code in an external helper - less nested event loops!

This patch set depends on the "ctdb ip" bug fix patch set that I posted
earlier.  Without it, many of the tests included here will fail
spectacularly.  :-)

This patch set also includes:

* Fixes to the IP-related protocol code

* Some improvements to the unit testing code

* Implementation of IP-related controls in fake_ctdbd

* 10 unit tests for the "ctdb ip" and "ctdb ipinfo" command

* Addition of control failure/timeout faking to fake_ctdbd

* Tunable documentation changes stating that tunable values should be
  consistent across nodes

* Changes to the implementation of NoIPTakeover and
  NoIPHostOnAllDisabled tunables so that only the value from the
  recovery master is used

* Addition of a new tunable IPAllocAlgorithm, replacing LCP2PublicIPs
  and DeterministicIPs

* 36 unit tests for the new takeover helper

* Removal of the out-of-date python takeover simulation

Due to the size of this patch set, here's a pointer to a branch:


This branch also contains the previously posted "ctdb ip" bug fixes
(because it can't work without them) so, if reviewing, please skip the
1st 8 commits or rebase after Amitay's autobuild lands.

Please review and maybe push...

peace & happiness,
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