how to enable nss-wrapper in samba 4.3.9

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Hi all,
Thanks for your attetion to my question.I have another quetion about the samba.
If a user account has got through the LDAP authentication for samba,samba will use the function getpwnam() to obtain user information.The function
getpwnam() is in CNU C Library and the Name Service Switch(NSS) configuration file, /etc/nsswitch.conf is used by this function to determine the sources from which to obtain name-service information in a range of categories, and in what order. I set the /etc/nsswitch.conf file as follows:
         passwd:         compat ldap
         group:          compat ldap
         shadow:         compat ldap

         hosts:          files dns
         networks:       files

         protocols:      db files
         services:       db files
         ethers:         db files
         rpc:            db files

         netgroup:       nis
As a result, if the user account has the same name as in LDAP,samba will get the user information from the local file, /etc/passwd. How can samba get the user information from ldap but not to change the the order of the services in the passwd database? I don't want to change the contents of the /etc/nsswich.conf file because this file may have an effect on other applications.

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On Wednesday, 14 December 2016 00:46:24 CET Fengwei wrote:
> Hi all:
>          Thanks for your attention. I have a question about
> nss_wrapper library.
 I want to get user and group information from my own passwd and
> group files in samba 4.3.9. So I use the package
> 'nss_wrapper'.Firstly,I install the nss_wrapper library;Secondly, I
> use the function setenv() to set,
> NSS_WRAPPER_PASSWD = passwd and NSS_WRAPPER_GROUP=group in smbd, but
> it doesn't work. I want to ask how to enable nss-wrapper and get user
> and group information from my own passwd and group files in samba 4.3.9? Thanks.


nss_wrapper is not really meant for production, it is a testing tool :-).
However you need to preload nss_wrapper before you start smbd. Doing it in smbd is wrong and too late.

See 'man'


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