[PATCH] Improving CTDB logging

Amitay Isaacs amitay at gmail.com
Mon Dec 5 05:17:40 UTC 2016


Here is a patchset that gets rid of CTDB's special DEBUG levels and
switches over to using Samba's DEBUG levels,  It also gets rid of special
debug_string handling in the DEBUG_CALLBACK backends of CTDB.  This brings
us closer to using Samba's DEBUG as is without requireing special

The main ctdb daemon handles the logging for all processes (except recovery
daemon).  This is undesirable and each process ideally does it's own
logging.  The logging api is now refactored to allow any ctdb process to do
its own logging.

However, we cannot yet utilize Samba's DEBUG since it's broken and Martin
is working on it.

Here are the major changes in this patchset.

- Drop tevent debugging (it's not needed anymore)
- Switch to using Samba's DEBUG levels
- Refactor logging api to common/ from server/ so all processes can use it
- Get rid of debug_extra
- Add new ctdb_vfork_exec() to replace ctdb_vfork_with_logging()

I have already added Reviewed-by tags for Maritn's patches.

Please review and push.

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