Fix replication tests...

Stefan Metzmacher metze at
Wed Aug 10 10:59:09 UTC 2016

Hi Jeremy,

>> here's a new patchset that hopefully passes make test, the commit
>> "s4:dsdb/schema: don't update the in memory schema->prefixmap without
>> reloading the schema!"
>> didn't have the unit test changes.
>> I've also fixed some typos in commit messages.
>> Please start to review:-)
> FYI I'm planning to start reviewing and pushing these
> tomorrow if no one else gets to it first.


I think you'll notice yourself, but I better say it explicitly,
don't push the "HACK..." patches, they're just to demonstrate that
we no longer trigger the specific code paths.

All 4 autobuild passed fine, I'll start 4 new ones.


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