[PATCH] DsBind and DsGetDomainControllerInfo to return 2k8 structs

Dirk voidswitch at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 09:59:23 UTC 2016


I am currently testing Samba as AD replacement. My AD runs on 2k8
functional level, and I can only test with clients >=w2k12. Some issues I
(and others wrt. bugtracker, mailing list) encountered are:

    * nltest /dclist:domain does not work / Result is NOT_SUPPORTED
    * w32tm /monitor does not work
    * Infrastructure Discovery in Group Policy Editor does not work.

The Reason for this seems to be, that Samba does not
support DsGetDomainControllerInfo level 3.


This Patch tries to implement this, based on level 2 support (they differ
only in is_rodc AFAIK). To advertise this support, I extended DsBind to
respond with DsBindInfo48. This part is not complete:

    * DsBind now ONLY respond with DsBindInfo48.
    * config_dn_guid is set to GUID_zero()

I send this patch to get some Comments on it and see if someone else is
working on it. If it's useable, I can work on it to complete the missing
parts. Currently my testing options are limited, so I would like to have
feedback from someone who can do more tests.

Also, as this is my first try to send patches here, please provide some
info on how to send patches, if other formats are preferred.

With regards

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