Correctly set cli->raw_status for libsmbclient in SMB2 code

github at github at
Wed Apr 13 21:14:06 UTC 2016

New comment by jrasamba on Samba Github repository
On Wed, Apr 13, 2016 at 02:11:30PM -0700, Robin McCorkell wrote:
> No, I didn't post a bug report, since I've contributed code in the past so just directly debugged the problem. Let me do that now.


> From analysis of other functions that set raw_status, I thought that _recv() was the best place to put the new code. Alternatively, _done() might be a better place?

Yeah, I'm thinking about cleaning up all the
places that set raw_status to centralize things
so we fix it everywhere.

There are probably some SMB1 calls that still
don't do this right...

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